Tonight, Sunday, September 18, 2016 marks one year from the launch of the Empowered Living Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.  But this evening, we celebrate friendship at the home of Joseph and Syerita Kimbrough in Northwest Charlotte.


Rachel and I are new to Charlotte.  It is our objective to develop a community of friends as we make this city our home.  In this vain we are committing to having dinner with a different couple at least 40 times in the next 52 weeks.  Yes, 40 sets of new and old friends coming together for good times with great food in the company of awesome people.  Prior to tonight we hosted three sets of friends for dinner at our home in the last several weeks.

The first couple to join us for dinner were the Browns from South Bend, Indiana.  Rachel went to high school with them, found out they were living in Charlotte on Facebook, and reunited with them this summer at our Meet & Greet in May.  The Crawfords were represented by Cathy and the boys.  The boys, Alex and Andrew, are in elementary school which means they are filled with an abundance of energy, joyful bliss, and health appetites.  After dinner we watched a few episodes of “Friday Night Tykes.”  berry-kimbrough-pic
If you have not seen these kids play football with the tenacity of a lion on the prowl to feed her kids then, you must take a journey to Texas to see them play.  The Coopers were our first over night guests.  William preached that Sunday morning and hung out with us Saturday night for dinner and conversation.  We were blessed with a hot breakfast Sunday morning consisting of cheese eggs, seasoned turkey bacon, hot buttered biscuits, and Southern grits.

But, tonight its all about dinner at the Kimbroughs.  Joseph, as always, was filled with energy from above when he shared with us his thoughjoseph-dessertts about work, family, and play.  Joseph is an author, motivational speaker, and trained engineer.  Syerita is a former police officer from Wisconsin and an accomplished motivational speaker, counselor, and all around inspiration.  She made and served a delicious “healthy” lasagna that made each of us schedule appointments in the gym the following day.  It was SO good!apple-dessert


The Kimbroughs are special to Rachel and I.  They were the first couple to receive pre-marital counseling (advising) from the Empowered Living Church. We started with Saturday mornings with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class in the ELC office and completed Monday night counseling sessions in their home.  They better stay married until “death do they part.”  We closed the evening, as we always do, with a group prayer and hugs.

Join us next week for dinner with Ron and Ronnie.

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