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How Can We Pray For You?

We fast and pray every Tuesday as a church family over your prayer requests.  Our prayer team will pray for your requests daily. Submit a prayer request today, strive for great faith, and see God’s faithfulness.

Take a journey along with Barrett as he plants ELC with our launch team, better known as the “Dream Team.”  Each week you will read a fresh new story about the journey of church planting.  Barrett take social entrepreneurship to the next level as today’s modern faith leader.

There is not a better way to share the Gospel in today’s busy world then a podcast.  Take a few minutes at work, school, or while taking a break to listen to the inspirational words from our Barrett, our lead pastor.

We find pleasure in serving others through volunteering at the local community-based organization, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and helping others become debt-free.  If you need financial assistance in registering for FPU, send a message to


This is our GIFT to YOU!

Our goal is to give something away every week/month.  For now we are giving away the book “The Blessed Life.”