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1. Reason One

You have a desire to see people far from God come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Your understanding of living a good life is one that is founded upon the love of God, centered around great faith, and one worth laying down for your friends.

2. Reason Two

You are ready to live an empowered life in audacious faith, in the victory of hope, and the peace created from knowing, trusting, and believing that our God will fulfill all of our needs if we simply ask of Him with great faith.  Once empowered you feel the desire to empower others.

3. Reason Three

You want to unselfishly expand the Kingdom of God by helping start a church with a focus on reaching the unchurched, saving sinners, and empowering Believers.  You are not satisfied simply filling a seat every weekend, you want to do something great for God, and you believe the local church is God’s tool for bringing hope to the world.