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Our vision is to make disciples of Jesus Christ in a fun, contemporary, Spirit-filled environment that emphasizes worship, relevant ministry, spiritual growth, serving others, celebration, and giving in a love-centered community of friends.


"What is Worship?"


Small Group Activity

You’ll Need

• Worship Game activity supplement (1 per group)

To Do

Say: There are lots of ways to worship God! Let’s play a game about it. I’ll say an action. If it’s a way to worship God, do it! If it’s not, freeze. If you do an action that’s not worshipping God, you’re out for one round!

  1. Read an action from the Worship Game activity supplement.
  2. Kids do the motion if it’s a way to worship God or freeze if it’s not.
  3. Ask a kid to share why they think the the action is worship or not.
  4. Repeat steps 1-4 for a few rounds.
  5. If time allows, play again, but let kids do all the actions.
Choose questions to ask after kids play.
  1. Which Konnect character do you think knows the most about worship? Answers will vary.
  2. Vintage Konnect Trivia: Which Konnect crew member’s favorite way to worship God is singing? Alissa
Say the Point and Bible verse out loud together.
I’ll worship God with all my heart.


John 4:23 NIRV

“… True worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. …”

1. What does it mean to worship God in spirit and in truth? Worship God honestly with your whole heart for who He truly is.

Choose a few review questions.
  1. What does it mean to worship God? To show God all the love, thankfulness, and respect you have for Him
  2. Why do you think going to worship night was so important to Alissa? Answers will vary.
  3. Whenyoulovesomeone,youshowthem.Whenyou love God, you show Him by worshipping. What are some ways to show your love for God? Show His love to others, pray, dance, lift hands up, talk about Him, thank Him, obey, work hard at what He’s given you to do, etc.
  4. WhydoesGoddeserveourworship?He’sallpowerful, loving, our Savior, our Creator, forgiving, etc.
  5. Whydoyouthinkitdoesn’tmatterwhereyouworship God? Answers will vary.
Choose an action step question.
  1. What are some ways you can worship God when you’renot at church this week? Answers will vary.
  2. When you really get to know God,you want to worship Him a lot! What can you do to get to know God better? Answers will vary.
Pray together.
  1. Ask kids to share things they’d like you to pray about.
  2. Write down their prayer requests.
  3. Pray together over all the prayer requests.
Not sure what to pray?
Pray this:

God, thank You for giving us Jesus so we can worship You any time, anywhere, in everything we do. In Jesus’ name, amen!

Stay in Small Group until kids are checked out.