Sermon Series

The goal of the ForCLT sermon series is to cast a vision for a unified body of Christ in Charlotte

ForCLT Message Series


  • Over the next 4 weeks, our church will be participating with 73 churches in the greater Charlotte area, reaching over 41,000 people at those churches in our city with a unified message. To share what is at the core of what all Christians and churches value, no matter the denomination, or background.
  • Over the course of these four weeks, we will talk about what it means for our churches to be:
  • For the Gospel
  • For the Church (Specifically, For the unity of the Church)
  • For our Neighbor
  • For our City
  • The goal of the ForCLT unified sermon series is to cast a vision for how a unified body of Christ can transform our city together. Can you imagine what would happen if the whole church in our city were known for what we are “for”, rather than what we are “against?” What if the whole church was “For Charlotte?”

Explore each message in this series below.

week 1 - For the gospel

week 2 - for the church

Sunday, September 23 - Week 2 - For the Church

WEEK 3 - For our neighbor

Sunday, September 30 - Week 3 - For our Neighbor

week 4 - for our city

Sunday, October 7 - Week 4 - For our City